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MAY 23 THRU MAY 25 2025


Elitloppet is the world’s premier trotting race and one of Sweden’s top sporting events. Each year, thousands flock to the people’s festival at Solvalla to experience the world’s fastest horses and finest spectators!

Tickets to Elitloppet 2025 will preliminarily be released on December 2. Subscribe to the Solvalla newsletter to stay updated.


There is currently a bag ban for major events in Sweden – and that ban will also apply during the Elitloppet weekend at Solvalla in 2024. Solvalla does its best to make it as easy as possible for you who visit us. 

The bag ban means exactly what it sounds like – no bags are allowed at the event. Only people who for medical reasons need to bring a bag and people with children who need a diaper bag are exempt.

Can’t Solvalla make an exception?
The bag ban is generally issued against major events in Sweden. Solvalla does not own the decision, but must follow it, to violate it is considered a violation of the Public Order Act. It is the Swedish Police Authority that decides on bag bans at events. Solvalla has the greatest respect for their judgement, and Solvalla wants the Elitloppet to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. There is no known threat to Solvalla or the Elitloppet.

How is a bag defined?
According to the Swedish police authority, a wallet or small toiletry bag is not a bag. Larger than that is not allowed.

If you have a bag or a transparent bag?
The bag ban also applies to plastic bags.

Can you bring a computer with a charger in your hand?
Yes, computer and charger cord, but not in a bag.

Can you bring food?
Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring your own picnic, not even if you carry the food directly in your hand. Instead, there will be a serving area over the entire course.

Is it possible to store your bag at Solvalla?
Not at Solvalla, but we will offer bag storage subject to space at the Bällstavägen/Travbanevägen intersection (at the Solvalla bus stop). A fee of SEK 100 will be charged per bag paid with Swish. The bag storage will be open from 11.00-18.00 on Friday, and 09.00-21.00 on Saturday and Sunday. However, we recommend that you do not bring any bags with you to Solvalla.

How will the bag ban affect the stable area?
The stable area is a workplace and not a public area, and is therefore not covered by the general bag ban.

Can you bring your own chair to Solvalla?
– Yes, as long as the chair is not in a bag, pouch or case.

What is classified as a case?
– A case is a tightly closed material around a tablet or computer without a handle or more compartments to store things in.


Solvalla offers a wide choice of restaurants and catering options. These range from fine dining in “Kongressen” to simple kiosks offering freshly barbecued food.

There is usually a high demand for restaurant tickets. 


Solvalla is a cashless facility. Bets on horses are placed digitally using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Betting at the track – here’s how it works:

  1. This track, along with all of Sweden’s racetracks, are fully digitalized. This means that you are welcome do your betting on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  2. Your betting must be done with your domestic betting partner. No bets can be placed with ATG. If you are unsure of which of your domestic betting partners to use, please visit and click on BET NOW.
  3. We recommend using the web version for your domestic betting partner instead of the mobile app if there is one. Some mobile apps might be geo-blocked and can therefore not be used outside of the country.

If the web version also is blocked we urge to place your bets before arriving to Sweden.
If you are not resident in Sweden, contact your national gaming company to examine options for betting at Solvalla

Help is also available at the Service Center on Level 2 outside the “Bistron” restaurant.


Using public transportation

Direct buses from Cityterminalen will operate on the mornings of Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26. The timetable will be published nearer the event.
Take the commuter rail, subway (T-bana), or bus to Sundbyberg. From there, take SL bus route 113 to the Solvalla stop.
Bus route 113 also departs from Blackebergs Gård, via Islandstorget (subway) to the Solvalla stop.
“Tvärbana” light rail line to Bromma Flygplats (Airport), just under 1 mile’s walking distance from Solvalla.

Journey planner from T-Centralen to Solvalla
Journey planner from T-Centralen to Ankarstocksvägen
Journey planner from T-Centralen to Rissne

Stable Area and Spånga Entrance Gate

Bus no. 112 runs between Alvik and Spånga Station. It calls at the Ankarstocksvägen bus stop, which is the stop closest to the stable area entrance gate. It is also possible to take the subway to Rissne (blue line, direction Hjulsta), followed by a short walk of 10 to 15 minutes to the stable area entrance gate.
– “Tvärbana” light rail line to Bromma Flygplats (Airport), just under 1 mile’s walking distance from Solvalla.

By road
Please note that, due to construction work around Solvalla, parking options are severely limited!

E4 from south – follow signs for Bromma Airport and then Solvalla. Continue past Bromma Airport for around one kilometer (1,100 yds) and turn off at Bällstavägen.

E4 from north – follow signs for Bromma Airport and then Solvalla. Turn off before Bromma Airport at Travbanevägen.

E18 – follow signs for Bromma Airport and then Solvalla. Turn off before Bromma Airport at Travbanevägen.

GPS coordinates of public entrance gates
GPS coordinates of stable gates & Spånga entrance gate